Cyclone SG – Best and Worst Hobbies – Headless Tele – Idles – Homemade Pancakes

BACK AND WORSER THAN EVER!!! this episode of the podcast promises to be about the same as all others before it. Tune in and be amazed!

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

Chase Bliss Audio

In this week’s episode Steve talks about slapping some new strings on his Gibson EB bass. Ryan showcases the new accessories for the Rodecaster

Albert Eisenstaedt

1. Cyclone SG

2. Best and worst hobbies to combine with guitar

3. Headless Telecaster

4. Idles – Joy as an act of Resistance

5. Homemade Pancakes

This week’s music was sent by Gary from the band Shirt Club and is called “Hot Pink Cast”‘


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