METAL ZONE VACCINE?!?!? – Duo Sonic Refin – Fun Bass – Kramer?

Episode 362 of 60 Cycle Hum is brought to you by:
Chase Bliss Audio
and Big Ear Pedals

In this episode Ryan and Steve talk about an ongoing Covid-19 pedal joke that hopefully isn’t real. We talk about some other things and whatever.

00:00 – Metal Zone Covid Circuit
10:47 – Duo Sonic Refinish
18:06 – We talk about the NAMM and some bass videos we’re going to make someday
22:15 – Washburn Kotzen Bass
31:45 – We talk about mods we’ve wanted to do but have yet to do.
46:25 – This Kramer is gonna snipe you

52:05 – This week’s song was sent by Phil Roof and is called “Paper Clip” 

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