Dragon Guitar – the first effect pedal and more with Dave Hill!


Episode 363 of 60 Cycle Hum is brought to you by:
Chase Bliss Audio
and Big Ear Pedals

In this episode the guys have guest host Dave Hill from Dave Hill’s Goodtime Hour and a whole bunch of other projects (https://www.davehillonline.com/)

Look at them 
00:00 Dragon Guitar
14:59 Dave is all over Youtube, Guitar Statistics
30:18 There’s no NAMM, but we talk about NAMM
39:54 We’re past Dave’s bedtime
44:30 USSR era guitars
48:00 Dave on Pedals
56:30 DeArmond Tremolo, the first guitar pedal?
1:01:00 Top Ten fluids
1:04:00 Acoustic 360/361

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