Phoebe Bridgers – Chase Bliss Bilt – BC Bridge – King Crimson – Gorilla Glue! Episode 367 is brought to you by the fine folks at Chase Bliss Audioand Big Ear Pedals I got your links right here! 00:00 Phoebe Bridgers smashed a guitar.19:30 Chase Bilt32:30 Steve got a couple Gunstreet Wiring Harnesses . Ryan got some tubes for his reverb. 38:20 Is this Reptile Dentistry? ( ALBUM REVIEW - King Crimson... Continue Reading →

ARE EXPENSIVE PEDALS GATEKEEPING? Good, Bad, Ugly – FELIX THE CAT – Headless Teisco This is episode 366. The episode is sponsored by these fine brandsChase Bliss Audioand Big Ear Pedals In this episode...we do the stuff listed below. Just look at those things. Hello, here are some pictures for you 00:00 - What does gatekeeping look like in the pedal community?17:30 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly27:10... Continue Reading →

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