Eric Clapton (old) News – More Tea – Epiphone Bass and NASCAR

Episode 364 of 60 Cycle Hum is brought to you by:
Chase Bliss Audio
and Big Ear Pedals

Here’s all the files in a handy dandy spot
00:00 Eric Clapton got in the news at the end of 2020 but we ignored it…until NOW!
16:30 This machine kills racists
25:43 Ryan and Steve go to Pitbull Audio, but not together! Ryan also talks about going to check out the progress on his High Spirit guitar 
40:15 Epiphone Bass
48:39 Next ad? 
56:10 This car, that car…NASCAR

1:07:35 This week’s song is from Paul Crane of Complete Radio Silence and is called “Stagger”

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