Copyright Strikes – BOSS KATANA PEDALBOARD – J Smashcis – 5 pickup Bass + TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 REVIEW

Episode 365 of 60 Cycle Hum is brought to you by:
Chase Bliss Audio
and Big Ear Pedals

In this episode Ryan and Steve give their take on YouTube Copyright stuff, plus look at a rad BOSS Katana conversion.

00:00 – Rick Beato Copyright stuff
15:45 – BOSS Katana Floorboard conversion
25:45 – Steve is repairing a blue MIJ Stratocaster. Ryan is doing something…I forgot to write down what that was
39:20 – Bashed J Mascis
50:30 – ALBUM REVIEW: Taylor Swift – 1989
1:08:50 – 5 pickup bass

1:14:40 – This week’s song was sent by Nate Leslie and is called “Finger”
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