Inthblues damage control – BIGGEST GUITAR HEIST? – Billy Cardigan – Celine Dion – Music is Win

Episode 369 is brought to you by the fine folks at
Chase Bliss Audio
Big Ear Pedals

00:00 – What’s the deal with paid sponsorships? (VIDEO
14:10 – Biggest Guitar Heist in history?
30:45 – Let’s talk about the Billy Cardigan book and Mono Cases 
36:30 – This guitar will go onnnn and onnnn
53:10 – Did Music Is Win/Tyler Larson really buy Josh Scott’s Klon? (VIDEO)
1:03:30 – Forkwad

1:07:30 – This week’s song was sent by the Sonoran Surfers and is called “Trouble on the I-10”

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