Squier Affinity – T-40 – April Fool’s Day! – Hagstrom – Snake Oil – GUNS


Episode 373 is brought to you by…
Big Ear Pedals
Chase Bliss Audio 

In this episode we talk about the Affinity Squier…leak(?) as well as a lot of other fun stuff.

The imgur link
00:00 Affinity Squiers
15:30 Red Peavey T-40
23:00 Let’s talk about the coolest April Fool’s Day stuff, Ryan’s busted finger and Steve’s new pedal (https://carolineguitar.com/april-fools-2021/)
39:00 Hagstrom with an effect
49:10 What’s the most snake oil thing in the guitar industry?
1:04:50 Gun Safe Stratocaster

This week’s song was sent by Clark Starace of Wiped Out and is called “Waves of Panic”

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