WHO WON THE JAZZMASTER? Pizza Guitar – AZAT V – Budget guitar advice – the devils Bass – #375


Episode 375 is brought to you by…
Henning’s Complete Guide to Drum Programming (https://spectredigital.com//complete-drum-)
Big Ear Pedals (https://www.bigearpedals.com/)
Chase Bliss Audio (https://www.chaseblissaudio.com/)

In this week’s episode we announce the winner of our Jazzmaster giveaway. Also it’s a podcast episode so watch and listen

00:00 Jazzmaster Giveaway – 
16:24 Pizza guitar
29:29 Steve talks about the Caroline Somersault Ryan talks about the struggles he’s been having with recording all of his amps. Oh yeah, and Doug from Just Surprise Me trash talked about us. We’re coming for you DOUG
39:00 AZAT V
54:30 How to take a budget guitar and make it KILLER
1:08:44 the Devil’s BASS

1:17:20 This week’s song was sent by mattytwohats and is called “SUV”
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