Ad-venturers Club!

Every podcast episode in 2023 we will be choosing one user submitted ad to join the Ad-venturers Club! Selections will receive a $20 digital gift card to a music store that is in their shipping area. Click on the picture to see the rest of the ad photos from that week!

22-May-2023 – Craig Brinker

15-May-2023 – Nick Knight

08-May-2023 – Nickalos Lancaster

01-May-2023 – Matt Carnevali

24-Apr-2023 – Nick Raab

17-Apr-2023 – Greg Straub

10-Apr-2023 – decoy6661

03-Apr-2023 – Paul Blain

27- Mar-2023 – RJ Hoopoe

20-Mar-2023 – John Fleming

13-Mar-2023 – Bryan Broocks

06-Mar-2023 – Blake Bruns

28-Feb-2023 – K Sly

13-Feb-2023 – Michael Rigby

06-Feb-2023 – John Fleming

30-Jan-2023 – Kenneth Couch

23-Jan-2023 – Carter Ingraham

16-Jan-2023 – Craig Brinker

09-Jan-2023 – Paul Weller

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