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The Pelitaur Watch in wonder, as we reveal the majesty of the Pelitaur.

Gibson Firebrand SG – Demo and Review Ryan and Steve from 60 Cycle Hum sit down with Ariel Levine of Dinosaur Ghost, among several music projects to review Ariel's Gibson Firebrand SG. The Gibson Firebrand SG was made in 1980 and 1981 and features a mahogany... Continue Reading →

Electro Faustus EF111 – GUITARDÄMMERUNG The guys over at Electro-Faustus only asked if they could. They never bothered to ask if they should. The result is the GUITARDÄMMERUNG. Somewhere running the gauntlet from gated distortion through ring modulator and beyond, the GUITARDÄMMERUNG gives you... Continue Reading →

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