This episode is brought to you by Mr Black Pedals, builder of the JDS-50 Overdrive and a slew of modulation and time effects. This episode was also brought to you by Mammoth Electronics. They just rolled out a bunch of classic Keeley Mods for your listening pleasure. Finally this episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. The... Continue Reading →

128 – Ride the Snake

This week's episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. Go to their site and see their latest offerings, then read about the 100 year warranty! Open your mouth and close your eyes. it's time to ride the snake. First up, we now have an officially unofficial fan podcast, 60 Cycle Slum. If you want... Continue Reading →

126 – Fender Mod Shop

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. They just hit 10k followers on Instagram and are promoting their new Sliver Series plugs with a giveaway.Go here to learn more! In this episode Ryan and Steve tell you how they'd like you to tell your favorite manufacturers about them. I mean, it couldn't hurt right? We get... Continue Reading →

123 – Ryan and Steve are Gushing

This week's episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. They make smashing on your stompboxes easier than every before! Welcome to episode 123. We get straight into the thick of it with a fuzz built into a human skull. Next, we talk about KISS and how...something...they were. I mean, KISS, right? They were a thing for... Continue Reading →

114 – Steve’s busted mic cable

This episode is a feat of audio engineering. We had an intermittent mic cable that was popping and crackling all over the place. Ryan went through and editing them all out. You can tell there are edits, but it sounds so much better than the alternative. This week we talk about brands that seem like... Continue Reading →

113 – Velcro Treasure Chest

This episode was sponsored by Electro-Faustus, maker of the Guitardammerung as well as many other wild guitar effects and small box noise makers. If noise is your game, Electro-Faustus is the cheat code to first place. In Episode 113, Ryan and Steve unveil the WHEEL OF PEDALS! It's out latest contest. Everyone who enters wins.... Continue Reading →

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