This is a growing list of all our friends and sponsors that have helped the show grow to what it is and what it will be.


BFC logo 2

Best Friends Creative: Ryan and Adam’s video production company. BFC makes a lot of the demos and extra 60 Cycle Hum media possible.



1459980656414Look, we’re not saying you should get a Kauer, but if you can afford it, you should get a Kauer.



The man behind Chase Bliss is a mad scientist. What’s that? You need to control every parameter of your tremolo, phaser or delay? Then Chase Bliss has the pedal that you need.




Walrus Audio makes a ton of pedals. They range from simple to complex and all of them are fantastic.





If you’re tired of trying different strings, then get a string subscription from Gear Supply and call it a day.






Gear Tube! It’s an app for your smartphone that only has Gear Videos! Its a great way to find new guitar content you didn’t even know about with out all the other junk you dont care about on Youtube!



electro-faustus-85650495These guys make some of the wildest effects on the market. They also make a ton of crazy noise machines that you need in your life.



salvage transSalvage makes the pedal boards that your pedals dream about living in. I want a mansion. Your pedal wants a Salvage Custom Board.



Old Town Guitars built the instrument cables featured in many of our YouTube demos. Located in Austin, Old Town Guitars also does instrument and amp repair and pedalboard wiring



360JLM-7Barefoot Buttons don’t just make your pedals playable when you don’t want to wear shoes, but they change the height of your switches, making it easier to stomp on those pedals that live in tight spaces.



logoCoast Sonic is the online pedal shop for all of your effects needs. Check them out!


tomkat-pedals-and-electronicsTOMKAT Pedals not only makes incredible looking pedals, but they also make incredible sounding pedals.



The McCaffrey Audio Fusion was the first compressor we ever tried. Now McCaffrey has a bigger lineup of high quality guitar effects.




fuzzrociouslogo_final800Oh what’s that? You want something fuzzy? Then you want Fuzzrocious in your life.


imagesJHS Pedals has a huge line up of high quality effects. I feel like if you are learning about JHS from us, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Maybe that was mean.



Blake makes this awesome podcast where he interviews industry people. He interviewed us too. I think that makes us legit.





Hosted by Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars and Sully from Sully’s Guitar Garage, the Lutherist (2.0) is the premier podcast about guitar construction.



1458654431843This podcast is in the UK. Don’t hold that against them. This podcast has the latest and greatest news from some of the most popular brands in the industry.



1200x630bfDon’t be silly. You know what’s up with Gear Talk.