No Brainer Mods – Neil Diamond Les Paul – CINCO SONIC – Topic Grab Bag – SRV’s TUNA Episode 376 is brought to you by...Henning's Complete Guide to Drum Programming Big Ear Pedals Chase Bliss Audio Support this channel In this episode things get a little off the rails  Here are the pictures we talk about00:00 2021's Premier Guitar No-Brainer Mods 9:30 Neil Diamond Signature Les Paul21:30 Ryan talks about joining Tiktok. Steve talks about Guns... Continue Reading →

WHO WON THE JAZZMASTER? Pizza Guitar – AZAT V – Budget guitar advice – the devils Bass – #375 Episode 375 is brought to you by...Henning's Complete Guide to Drum Programming ( Ear Pedals ( Bliss Audio ( In this week's episode we announce the winner of our Jazzmaster giveaway. Also it's a podcast episode so watch and listen Paparazzi00:00 Jazzmaster Giveaway - 16:24 Pizza guitar29:29 Steve talks about the Caroline Somersault Ryan talks about... Continue Reading →

Are solos dead? Nightmare tree – Egmond guitar – THERE ARE WOMEN IN THE PEDAL BUSINESS? i h8 my dad Episode 374 is brought to you by...Big Ear Pedals Chase Bliss Audio This episode features two guys who are tired. PHOTO00:00 Are guitar solos dead? Did Billie Joe Armstrong kill them?19:25 Nightmare on Elm Tree29:00 What's new? I didn't take notes on what we talked about but this lasted 10 minutes so we must've talked... Continue Reading →

Squier Affinity – T-40 – April Fool’s Day! – Hagstrom – Snake Oil – GUNS Episode 373 is brought to you by...Big Ear PedalsChase Bliss Audio  In this episode we talk about the Affinity Squier...leak(?) as well as a lot of other fun stuff. The imgur link00:00 Affinity Squiers15:30 Red Peavey T-4023:00 Let's talk about the coolest April Fool's Day stuff, Ryan's busted finger and Steve's new pedal ( Continue Reading →

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