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194 – Halloween SCAREtacular

Don’t get scared now, this is it.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. If you’re on the market for some awesome instrument or patch cables, look no further than Sinasoid.

This week on the show Ryan talks about writing for the Pedal Culture exhibitat San Francisco State. Steve goes on and on and on about going to see Hanson at the House of Blues. Continue reading “194 – Halloween SCAREtacular”

193 – Two Chris Farleys

This week’s episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. Go get a great cable already!

Ryan and Steve talk about the upcoming 200th episode recording before diving into the rest of the episode

Here’s some pictures you want to see

1. Album Cover Telecaster

2. What gear do you love but never/rarely use live?

3. Gibson M2 parted out

4. How does worship music/guitar work in church?

5. Hellecaster

This week’s song was sent by River Ralph and is called “Bananadu”

192 – Sperm Jokes

yeah, thats right

This week’s episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. The Sinasoid #FORHOUSTON cable is still for sale. Get one and support a great cause today!

Ryan and Steve kick off the episode talking about the upcoming “MicroPOG vs.” series of videos, plus the braend new guitar modification contest.

There’s a link here to everything else you want to know about this episode

1. Sperm Stang

2. Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher leaves Gibson for ESP

3. ACDC Monopoly

4. How do signal chains work when effects loops are in play?

5. The self-strummer guitar

This week’s song was sent in my Andy “Doog” Phipps and is called “Friends with No Benefits”

191 – Pineapple and Pretzels

I have a pen…I have an apple…

This week’s episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. The Sinasoid #FORHOUSTON cable is still for sale. Get one and support a great cause today!

This week Ryan and Steve open up the show by talking about the Chase Bliss RKM Tonal Recall. Steve gives big props to Matthews Effects, who is sponsoring this year’s 60 Cycle Hum fantasy football league.  Continue reading “191 – Pineapple and Pretzels”

190 – Steve the Mixologist

Steve makes a potent cocktail and Ryan is on island time.

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. The Houston Giving cable is still for sale and 100% of the price, minus materials and shipping, goes to support vetted organizations helping rebuild Houston.

This week Ryan talks about his trip to Hawaii and Steve talks about successfully getting his Tonal Recall for a Stratocaster Continue reading “190 – Steve the Mixologist”

189 – Skeezy

This week’s episode is sponsored by Wangs Amplifiers. If you’re looking for boutique quality on an import budget, look no further than Wangs. Join the Tone Fancier Army today! This episode is also sponsored by Equitz Guitars. Equitz Guitars builds three excellent models starting at just over $2000. They’re beautiful and they play great.

This week’s episode is where Ryan talks about being in Hawaii. Did we mention that he’s in Hawaii right now? Continue reading “189 – Skeezy”

188 – Reverse Woody

This week’s episode was brought to you by the Gabriel Tenorio String Company. If you want a real handmade string, look no further than GTSco, custom strings made the old fashioned way, by hand. This week’s episode is also sponsored by Fat Foot Effects. Check out the Thallium 81 for a hard-clipping distortion built with the working player in mind. Fat Foot Effects is new to the market, but ready to compete with the best.

This week Ryan and Steve launch the show by talking about Steve’s current stage of Stratocaster buy/sell/trade.  Continue reading “188 – Reverse Woody”

187 – My Wife

This week’s episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. They are currently supporting Samaritan’s Purse’s relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Go check out their selection of wonderful cables!

Ryan’s wife joins us and tells us about her first experience buying a guitar.

Continue reading “187 – My Wife”

Boutique Builders United – Hurricane Harvey Relief

We’re proud to be part of Boutique Builders United and this raffle to raise support for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Here’s the link to share so you can support them as well


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