No Brainer Mods – Neil Diamond Les Paul – CINCO SONIC – Topic Grab Bag – SRV’s TUNA Episode 376 is brought to you by...Henning's Complete Guide to Drum Programming Big Ear Pedals Chase Bliss Audio Support this channel In this episode things get a little off the rails  Here are the pictures we talk about00:00 2021's Premier Guitar No-Brainer Mods 9:30 Neil Diamond Signature Les Paul21:30 Ryan talks about joining Tiktok. Steve talks about Guns... Continue Reading →

WHO WON THE JAZZMASTER? Pizza Guitar – AZAT V – Budget guitar advice – the devils Bass – #375 Episode 375 is brought to you by...Henning's Complete Guide to Drum Programming ( Ear Pedals ( Bliss Audio ( In this week's episode we announce the winner of our Jazzmaster giveaway. Also it's a podcast episode so watch and listen Paparazzi00:00 Jazzmaster Giveaway - 16:24 Pizza guitar29:29 Steve talks about the Caroline Somersault Ryan talks about... Continue Reading →

Are solos dead? Nightmare tree – Egmond guitar – THERE ARE WOMEN IN THE PEDAL BUSINESS? i h8 my dad Episode 374 is brought to you by...Big Ear Pedals Chase Bliss Audio This episode features two guys who are tired. PHOTO00:00 Are guitar solos dead? Did Billie Joe Armstrong kill them?19:25 Nightmare on Elm Tree29:00 What's new? I didn't take notes on what we talked about but this lasted 10 minutes so we must've talked... Continue Reading →

Inthblues damage control – BIGGEST GUITAR HEIST? – Billy Cardigan – Celine Dion – Music is Win Episode 369 is brought to you by the fine folks atChase Bliss AudioBig Ear Pedals 00:00 - What's the deal with paid sponsorships? (VIDEO) 14:10 - Biggest Guitar Heist in history?30:45 - Let's talk about the Billy Cardigan book and Mono Cases 36:30 - This guitar will go onnnn and onnnn53:10 - Did Music Is Win/Tyler Larson... Continue Reading →

ARE EXPENSIVE PEDALS GATEKEEPING? Good, Bad, Ugly – FELIX THE CAT – Headless Teisco This is episode 366. The episode is sponsored by these fine brandsChase Bliss Audioand Big Ear Pedals In this episode...we do the stuff listed below. Just look at those things. Hello, here are some pictures for you 00:00 - What does gatekeeping look like in the pedal community?17:30 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly27:10... Continue Reading →

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