BuzzSaw Guitar – Do music genres still exist? – Zebra V – Weird Music phrases – Doodly J Mascis This episode Brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio & Big Ear PedalsChase Bliss Audio: https://www.Chaseblissaudio.comand Big Ear Pedals: All the pictures 00:00 - Bootleg Saw06:20 - Ryan opens a couple packages and shows off a shirt from FoxChiRho13:34 - Do music genres still exist?33:00 - Zebra V42:00 - People who use the... Continue Reading →

Melted Strat – Pedal Horoscope – Snooze Fuzz – ALIENS – Is Innovation OVER? – CD Player “Guitar” This episode was brought to you by: Sweetwater Guitar Month Giveaway D'Addario Dual Lock Strap Locks Chase Bliss Audio¬† Wrist Grips Use code 60Cycle15 for 15% off! In this episode Steve promotes the Effects Loop raffle to support the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Ryan talks about the Walrus Audio EB-10. Photographic representations of things... Continue Reading →

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