Gibson bought Mesa? + Ridiculous Reverb, Extreme Ebay & Crazy Craigslist listing Episode 361 of 60 Cycle Hum is brought to you by:Chase Bliss Audioand Big Ear Pedals Pretty pictures00:00 - Gibson and Mesa are the best friends you needed28:00 - Big ol' amp40:52 - We talk about what's new, but I don't remember what we talked about (Rare Buzz shirt: - Trade coffin for... Continue Reading →

Plaid Samicks – Steve Unboxes -What Replaces NAMM? – Kings of Leon REVIEW – Guitar Bed This episode Brought to you by the followingChase Bliss AudioDaddarioShure at Sweetwater and Big Ear Pedals IMGUR! 00:00 - Plaid Samicks7:50 - Steve has an unboxing day!16:09 - With NAMM canceled, what do product releases look like for 2021?28:20 - He-Man for a snare?38:37 - ALBUM Review - Kings of Leon - ONLY_BY_THE_NIGHT51:35 -... Continue Reading →

Mangled Mosrite – Talking Beards – New Epiphones – Frank Zappa – Chunky Checker This episode Brought to you by ...Chase Bliss Audio and Big Ear Pedals Are you watching the Mandalorian? 00:00 - Mangled Mosrite10:31 - Steve talks about listing gear on Craigslist and Offer Up. Ryan talks about getting a fancy chair 24:00 - Let's talk about beard care31:45 - There's a bunch of new Epiphone reissues... Continue Reading →

Metal Explorer – Eastwood MRG Studio – Custom SG – Fleetwood Mac Review – Craftsman amp This episode Brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio & Big Ear PedalsChase Bliss Audio: https://www.Chaseblissaudio.comand Big Ear Pedals: In Living Color 00:00 - Metal Explorer06:20 - Amazon Basics Pedals, Steve got a FoxChiRho shirt, Ryan sold something on Craigslist? and Steve got a Big Ear Albie!15:30 - What's up with the Eastwood... Continue Reading →

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