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Here at 60 Cycle Hum we view musical instruments not just as products or services, but also entertainment! We want to help present your brand, product, or service in a way that is entertaining and engaging to an audience entirely comprised of gear enthusiasts.

We have a variety of marketing options available but are also open to discussing any new and unique marketing ideas you might have. Email us at


Episode Sponsorship:

$400 for 4 spots.

We can sell single sponsorship spots for $125 each, but we highly recommend the bulk packages, multiple sponsorships help build brand recognition with our loyal audience and has helped build brands like Sinasoid Cables, Barefoot Buttons, Gunstreet wiring shop, etc. into well known names for our listeners.

With episode sponsorship we read your ad copy or come up with our own (your choice) between sections of the podcast. The youtube version of the podcast features a sponsorship logo screen at the intro. Both the audio podcast and youtube version feature direct links to our sponsors.

Click here to view our sponsorship calendar, we run a maximum of four sponsorships per episode so if a date is already claimed we can probably still get you in there.

The podcast regularly fetches 30-40,000+ listens per month (podcast feed and youtube combined), If you would like to see our current numbers and stats feel free to ask.

Email us at


Detailed Demos

$750 + Product

Pedal demos are a tried and true way to get your hot new pedal in-front of a new audience. With this tier of demos I spend days getting fully familiar with your product and then put 1-2 more days of effort into filming & editing the demo so that it best reflects what I think your product has to offer.

I recommend this format for launches where you want the audience to be educated on all the features of your product.

BE AWARE! demos are not reviews, they are demonstrations. I may interject my own subjective opinions throughout the video but my goal is to demonstrate the features of your product in a way that best educates my audience so they can make informed buying decisions. I do not accept talking points or scripts and the finished video will never be available for review before publishing. If you have doubt about the quality or features of your own product you probably shouldn’t be sending it out for demo anyways.

The product included with this service is considered part of my compensation and not a promotional gift. I make it a point to keep everything around at least 6 months for extra coverage when appropriate.

Email us at


Product Unboxing

$200 + Product(s)

I started offering unboxings as a service to the industry durring the first few months of Covid-19 quarantine and it’s proven to be a very effective format. I think this is a great option for brands looking to market themselves to a new audience without specifically focusing on a product launch.

It takes way less time for me to produce these videos and that means I can charge less for them. The trade of is that I’m not familiarizing myself with the products before I press record so it’s all very off the cuff. The audience loves it though and It’s great for capturing in the moment reactions of surprise. I allow up to 3 pedals per unboxing.

Email us at


ROAD CASE – Travel content sponsorship

That dirty rascal Covid-19 closed down all the NAMM and other travel coverage I usually produce. I’m turning lemons into lemonade by visiting vacant guitar shops to create fun and engaging content with instruments I don’t usually have access to. Each “Season” has space for 4 sponsors spots. Watch the video to get an idea of what sponsorship looks like.

Sponsorship rates vary from season to season to account for travel costs and the amount of content included in the season.

Email us at

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