Marketing Packages

Here at 60 Cycle Hum we view musical instruments not just as products or services, but also entertainment! We want to help present your brand, product, or service in a way that is entertaining and engaging to an audience entirely comprised of gear enthusiasts.

We have a variety of marketing options available but are also open to discussing any new and unique marketing ideas you might have. Email us at


Episode Sponsorship:

$500 for 4 spots.

We can sell single sponsorship spots for $150 each, but we highly recommend the bulk packages, multiple sponsorships help build brand recognition with our loyal audience and has helped build brands like Sinasoid Cables, Barefoot Buttons, Gunstreet wiring shop, etc. into well known names for our listeners.

With episode sponsorship we read your ad copy or come up with our own (your choice) between sections of the podcast. The youtube version of the podcast features a sponsorship logo screen at the intro. Both the audio podcast and youtube version feature direct links to our sponsors.

Click here to view our sponsorship calendar, we run a maximum of four sponsorships per episode so if a date is already claimed we can probably still get you in there.

The podcast regularly fetches 30-40,000+ listens per month (podcast feed and youtube combined), If you would like to see our current numbers and stats feel free to ask.

Email us at


Product Demos

$500 + Product

Pedal demos are a tried and true way to get your hot new pedal in-front of a new audience. I like to show off the full range of each control and then focus on the features as I would use them. Also I republish clips from the demo to our instagram account where they often receive thousands of additional views.

If you want me to demo a guitar or an amp please email, I realize those products are worth significantly more than most pedals so obviously rates and returning the product will need to be discussed.

Email us at


Product Unboxing

$200 + Product(s)

Pedal unboxing is a great way to breathe new life into an older product or just get the word out on several products at once. Ideal for smaller brands, a product unboxing can cover up to three pedals at once and really bring focus onto specific products in your lineup.

Email us at


Sponsorship of NAMM & other Event Coverage

$1000 per sponsorship

In 2019 I gathered together 5 sponsors to fund my coverage of SNAMM. I think the concept was a huge success, I filmed nearly 30 videos and delivered 175,000 (and growing) impressions for the sponsors. I will be providing sponsorship spots for all future NAMM coverage limited to 5 available slots. I publish the videos over the course of 2 months to not overwhelm my subscribers, this also builds long term brand awareness with my regular audience.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo/product card at the intro of each video
  • Coverage of your NAMM booth if you have one
  • Direct links in the video description
  • ‘Thank you’ multi sponsor card at the end of each video

At winter NAMM 2020 Im expecting to film at least 40 videos (10 a day), If I keep the same average view per video rate Ill be able to deliver over 230,000+ views to your sponsorship.

Email us at

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