113 – Velcro Treasure Chest

This episode was sponsored by Electro-Faustus, maker of the Guitardammerung as well as many other wild guitar effects and small box noise makers. If noise is your game, Electro-Faustus is the cheat code to first place.

In Episode 113, Ryan and Steve unveil the WHEEL OF PEDALS! It’s out latest contest. Everyone who enters wins. Listen to the episode to find out more. Ryan flirts with a local Squier Duo-Sonic in a fun game of “will he, won’t he”. Next, Steve talks about an ad he was tagged in where a guy is just selling strips of Velcro.  Finally…if your amp has two broken knobs, no, it’s not in “great shape” any more.

In this week’s topic, our fearless duo tackle the topic of secret features on pedals. Why do they exist? We’re not sure…but we’re going to act like we might.

Thanks to Donny Coyle from the band The Dead Squirrels for this week’s song, “Milky Way”.


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