129 – Terrible Ass Guitar

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. They have an article on their website where they justify their costs. Who else is going to bring you this kind of transparency? Go read the piece. It’s worth it. This is why we’re glad to contine working with Sinasoid.

Welcome to episode 129. If you’re in the Orange County area and want to hang out on 7/23/16, come to the Quilter Labs open house. Go to the Quilter website for more information. We’re really excited to do the show, and hopefully can get some great material out of it.

Next, we hit what we can only hope is an attempt to turn a guitar into a Muppet. I mean, why do people do this to guitars? Someone sent an ad where you can trade an ass guitar (a bad one, at that) for a motorcycle. Lastly, we read about a guy that’s going to destroy a guitar if he can’t sell it. Unfortunately, the image wouldn’t upload, so that’s a huge bummer.

This week’s main topic is the Rhoney Lil Stinker. It looks like a Dreamcicle, but it tastes a lot different.

Tu Vuoi Arrivare Su” by Gli Uragani. This is what happens when listeners don’t send their own music for us to play.

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