206 – Branded


This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. As our favorite Pro Audio Couture, Sinasoid provide top notch customer service to go along with a premium selection of instrument and speaker cables. This episode was also sponsored by Walrus Audio. The boys at Walrus have outdone themselves again. This time they’ve put out an amazing reverb pedal, the Fathom. Check out our demo! Lastly this episode was sponsored by the upcoming showdown between Guitar Nerd’s Joe Branton and our own Steve.

Ryan sold his Ibanez RG. Did you forget Ryan had an Ibanez RG? I sure did

Pictures of stuff

1. Piano Shelf

2. Ryan and Steve discuss NAMM leaks

3. Branding to prevent theft

4. Steve and Ryan discuss what they’ve got planned from NAMM

5. Goo Goo Gone

This week’s song was sent by Mark Byerly of the band Farewell Friend. This song is called “Tornado”

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