230 – I’ve Got Rhythem


This episode was brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio. Chase Bliss Audio has a whole line up of super-versatile analog pedals. By combining a digital brain with an analog heart, CBA has broken the idea that analog pedals have to be simple. This episode was also sponsored by Sinasoid. If you can’t find options in Sinasoid Store or their Build-a-Cable section, trying sending an email to their Custom Shop to get some options that aren’t so off the shelf. 

In this episode Ryan talks about how he ordered a bunch of Harley Benton guitars from Thomann. He doesn’t even know how many he’s getting!

Everyone wants the pictures

1. Roto neck

2. Ryan and Steve take a time machine through musical history to change lives

3. half guitar

4. Travel amps: Why the boom and what would we do?

5. Hard Rock Casino can’t spell

This week’s song was sent by Leon Wright. The band is called Hogan and the song is called “What’s that? Never heard of ’em”


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